AL Emtiaz is a fast-growing brand of GLONASS/GPS tracking systems for monitoring the immobile and movable objects.

It’s being developed and manufactured by Russian company of the same name, and has been on the tracking market since 2011.
Our GLONASS and GPS trackers enable you to determine the geographical location of the vehicle as well as the parameters of its work. Our Personal trackers are aimed at monitoring the location of people, be it your nearest and dearest or, say, a courier delivering an important package. Both types of trackers imply online and offline mode of work. The latter means that the track is being constantly recorded regardless of the access to the network, and as soon as the device goes online, it will transmit the data collected.
Emtiaz LLC is responsible for the full circle of production, from idea to manufacturing and packing. Design of enclosures, electrical schemes and PCB, development of the firmware and server software, marketing materials – everything is done by our in-house specialists.
All the equipment is being built based on the modern components from the industry-leading microelectronics providers. Each tracker passes the thorough review of QA department and has a warranty.
The GLONASS/GPS monitoring market is growing fast, the competition in this niche is serious, but what helps us to stand out is the reliable and convenient products, topnotch support service and individual approach to the partners.


More than 10,000 individual clients

More than 600 international companies

3 government agencies

Features of our programs
Certified by the Public Transport Authority
Certified by the Communications and Information Technology Commission

Why our Devices

Save your money “or” save your time “or” save your effort ”

You will never worry again
Do you have drivers? Do you know where to go, where to go?
Do you have a teenager who is afraid of you?
You have delegates, do not you know where to go?
God forbid your death was stolen!

Here’s the solution for a vehicle tracking device

– The device is one of the best quality devices in the market
– Easy to install
– easy to use
Free trial for a month
High quality and very high accuracy in locating the location.
– Free installation at the customer’s location
– Lifetime guarantee continues with renewal of subscription
– Real-time vehicle tracking via the app and Google Map
– The number of accounts is infinite
An international segment or within Saudi Arabia
– Record keeping for an unlimited period
Licensed by the Communications Commission
– Available on all phones
Russia’s industry
Make up your mind now! Get real results instantly with a 100% money-back guarantee.
Tracking device with a weight sensor

From the services provided to clients

A special system for me, a global franchise company, that is characterized by an easy and simple interface with tracking support on Windows, iPhone and Android applications.
They are approved by public transport
Instant connection
The system supports more than 20 languages, including Arabic and English.
System update automatically by adjustable display interface
Update and determine the geographical location of the vehicle at any time in accordance with the nature of the work
Knowing the times of operation or turning off the engine by the driver
Monitor the arrival time of departures and track the movement of employees with their cars
Knowing the number of kilometers traveled and the remaining distance.
Control the vehicle and turn it off remotely at any time in case of theft.
Monitor your fleet, and know the path and speed of the vehicle around the clock
Reduce overtime and labor costs, and schedule preventive vehicle maintenance on time.
Follow-up of the car form, the insurance policy, and any maintenance contracts on the vehicle at any time
The possibility of talking with the driver and directing direct instructions to him and supporting many languages, vehicles, equipment and machinery.
Printing reports, re-viewing the vehicle’s progress, and information about each trip from its inception to completion, with many details.
A global system developed by a team that traces experience in the field of development.
The possibility of creating groups on the system according to jobs or regions for all company employees, which facilitates vehicle tracking operations
easy to use

Our products

JC100 indoor and outdoor camera
To monitor drivers and track vehicles, this product is with a vehicle tracking system. Live broadcast on the mobile road, equipped with an Android 5.1 system, which contains a high-resolution front camera and an interior of the cabin to record all that the vehicle passes through while on the move, and display the recording when necessary. Suitable for monitoring the driver, as well as documenting accidents, God forbid. It works when the car is turned on and enters standby mode when it stops.
It contains all the specifications of Birdie common in the market to follow the cabin and the driver from any mobile device
* P1080 imaging resolution
* Full HD + internal camera with night photography support
* 3G internet SIM support
* Support SD memory up to 32GB
* Automatic periodic filming
* Movable external wide angle lens for indoor camera
* The possibility of activating a sensor where the imaging is triggered automatically for any movement of vibration of the car or a collision during a stop or any attempt to steal the car automatically with the continuation of the recording
* The possibility of taking still pictures and receiving them on the mobile from a distance
* The possibility of running the registration on and monitoring everything that goes on inside the car cabin with sound and image through the mobile directly.
* Vibration sensor, in case of accidents, God forbid, the clip will be saved and will not be deleted automatically
The product is of very high quality and withstands high temperatures of 70 degreesHear the sounds entered the vehicle

With a tracking system



Weight sensors (General Transport Authority)
We link transportation companies to the Public Transport Authority platform and issue truck operating cards

Small guard without cable or charger

The best vehicle tracking device
Small guard without cable or charger
Plant it in the entrance to your car’s computer
And peace of mind
Track the safety of your family and your car
I know its course, moment by moment, through our very small piece
Install it yourself without an installation engineer
And monitor your car wherever you go with one click

Lifetime warranty continues with renewal of subscription


GT08 device

The best vehicle tracking device

Live broadcast via mobile or desktop computer
Find out the number of kilometers
Daily and weekly monthly trip report
Find out the speed
The vehicle can be accessed via Google Maps
The vehicle can be locked and started at any time by messages
Notice that the vehicle is moving and stopping
5 year warranty for my auto track surface or container. Or flips. Lobd. Sheol. Motorcycles. Food leave

Lifetime warranty continues with renewal of subscription


Latum device
A small-sized device that does not emit sounds or any lights and track without knowing the driver. It can be installed in all types of vehicles (trucks, buses, small and large cars)

Pico device
The easiest and most modern device in technology is tracking without wires without the need for an installation technician
All required items can be tracked, whether you have (a roof, container, flip-flops, loped, wheel, motorcycles, food track), or any metal with magnetic strength that is characterized by the strength of its super battery is able to work for a month without charging the best-selling in the world , waterproof .


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